Project Logistics

With the advent of containerisation, a major proportion of world cargo is now being transported in standard units such as containers. However, still a significant volume of cargo (machinery, equipment and building materials) is being transported as break bulk due to their special handling requirements owing to the nature of cargo, the size and weight.

This has resulted in a worldwide demand for specialised project cargo handling equipment, as well as trained personnel. Freight Links has the claim to fame in both. Our state of the art project cargo handling equipment and facilities coupled with the expertise of our team has resulted in Freight Links being one of the few chosen carriers in Project Cargo in Central Asia. Our projects division handles shipments to the remote islands in the Maldives, to the oilfields in the vast deserts in the Turkmenistan as well as to the fertile valleys in Uzbekistan.

We have also been nominated by Project Professionals Group of Australia to represent them in the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

The emphasis on infrastructure development to keep on par with others in our region has led Sri Lanka to embark on many foreign funded projects in the recent past. We at Freight Links have developed a Project Cargo Logistics Team that is fully geared to design cost effective & viable logistics solutions for such high value project cargo that requires special handling & warehousing etc.