Road Freight LTL
The complexities of shipping over-sized or heavy cargo can be challenging, a challenge that Freight Links has very successfully countered over the years.

Any organisation that depends on timely movement of goods for their success, will require a trusted logistics provider to deliver their cargo to where it needs to beĀ  - intact and on schedule at a reasonable cost.
We provide this partnership to our clients with a range of less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) freight options for moving inbound and outbound cargo

Inland Haulage
Freight Links is proud to have one of the best managed local haulage units in Sri Lanka, well reputed for its reliability, efficiency and value added services. We have own workshop and service station, and are geared with the latest State-of-the- art equipment and a round the clock mobile break down service and standby trailers etc.
Our services extend to all parts of the island as we also work as partners of distribution networks for some leading manufacturing companies in the country.

The experienced and highly trained customer support professionals at Freight Links, will constantly monitor and update clients on the movement of cargo through-out its journey.

Ours is a service that can be counted on for urgent and/or standard truckload movements any time of the day to any part of the country.