Redefining Supply Chain Management

Global supply chain management has grown rapidly over the past few years. Internet-based supply chain applications at Freight Links International now provide a multitude of services, which include warehouse management systems, international trade logistics and connectivity/transportation management systems, all of which increases the visibility into the supply chain, thus enhancing collaboration that yields comprehensive solutions.

The Art and Science of keeping your business costs at a minimum

In today's hyper-competitive business environment, the growth and the survival of any company depends on its cost competitiveness over its rivals in the industry.

Supply Chain Management plays an integral role in keeping business costs at a minimum and profitability at a higher level. An essential component of SCM is the effective distribution of high quality materials from manufacturing point to the end users.

This is where the Supply Chain Management professionals at Freight Links steps into help you. They will carefully study your operations, assess your supply chain needs and provide you with a complete SCM solution.

With our infrastructure facilities and expertise, we are fully geared to provide you with services such as warehousing, road haulage, ocean and air transport as well as multi-modal operations.