Overall strategy
As a dynamic new force in International Freight Forwarding services in the region, Freight Links, led by our President/CEO, Niral Kadawatharatchie, takes pride in the fact that our success over the years has been through innovative logistics solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of different customers.

We aim to Lead
At Freight Links International, leadership is not only about integrity and focus; it is also about the determination to lead, and that we do by providing supply chain solutions that exactly match the requirements of our clients, the most important link in our success.
Freight Links recognises that ethics still has a place in modern business and believes that fair play and decorousness help to make business better for everyone, while helping them to achieve their goal in being the leader in the industry.

Leading by Integration
Freight Links International is structured to address the need for specialist knowledge within each link of the supply chain: whether the requirement is a single tier service or an integrated solution, the commitment to quality, efficiency and cost effective delivery is the same throughout every link in the group.

Customer Focus
Many companies may say it, but we deliver "customer satisfaction" by our actions. We'll do it when YOU want it and the way YOU want it done -  if it is humanly possible, as we are available 24 hours a day, through out the year, to do what it takes, for you to achieve your goals.

Commitment to Provide Proactive Service
We constantly strive to identify different, innovative, cost effective ways to forward your cargo. We take time and effort to understand YOUR products, YOUR company and YOUR customers.  We "tailor" our business to suit your "measurements". We understand how important 'Supply Chain Management' is for your products and your profitability. 

Our Team
At Freight Links, we believe that the human element is the most important part in all our operations. It is only through the efforts of happy and contended members in our team that we have been able to achieve and maintain the highest standards as one of the best and leading freight forwarding companies in Sri Lanka.
Our prized possession is our very experienced and knowledgeable team that we have developed through a structured process of specialised training programmes on relevant disciplines over the years.