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Supply Chain Management

We at Freight Links understand the complexities and challenges driven by consumer demands and expectations, associated with today’s global marketplace. To overcome these challenges and maximise the value of your supply chain, we offer our comprehensive supply chain management 4PL or lead logistics partner (LLP) services coupled with our excellent support wherever you need it – locally or globally.

To achieve optimum management, our experts focus on planning, control and mentoring, of all material and information flows, that is essential to the orchestration, execution and performance of your supply chain.

We are proud to offer the benefits of a state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure to our Customers. Our continuous investment in developing hardware, software and human resources has enabled us to keep on par with continuous global technological developments. Some of the value added facilities that we offer are, Cargo tracking, On-line inquiry, On-line cargo booking, EDI capability and Customised information.

  • Integrated end-to-end solutions across all logistics, warehousing, transport and other service modes.
  • Comprehensive visibility and information management, including integration to ERP and partner systems.
  • Standardised processes, single point of contact and centralised cost capture, analysis and reporting.
  • Effective planning, management and control of operational costs, and improved supplier performance.
  • Continuous improvements in cost reduction and service standards.
  • Global to single city-wide, scalable solutions to support supply chain complexity and growth.

  • Order Management
  • Transport Planning & Optimisation
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Service
  • Visibility & Event Management
  • Network Engineering

  • A dedicated team appointed to manage vendor requirements
  • Visibility is offered to all parties based on KPI Updates
  • Rigorous implementation of SOP as agreed by all parties
  • Periodic reviews on performance and joint action to improve non compliances

  • Design & develop central distributor centres,  regional transit hub and cross-dock facilities.
  • Pick and Pack operations and value additions.
  • Post QC Platforms.
  • PO Management.
  • Customised transport equipment.
  • WMS & TMS systems.
  • Planning and forecasting.

Our Standardised Business Processes and tools includes:

  • Order Management.
  • Transport Planning & Optimisation.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Customer Service.
  • Visibility & Event Management.
  • Network Engineering.

Vendor Compliance Management (VCP)

  • A dedicated team appointed to manage vendor requirements.
  • Visibility is offered to all parties based on KPI Updates.
  • Rigorous implementation of SOP as agreed by all parties.
  • Periodic reviews on performance and joint action to improve compliances.

Up/Down Stream Value Added Services

  • Possibility to organise a regional transit hub for apparels.
  • Pick and Pack operations and simple value additions.
  • Post QC Platforms.
  • PO Management.


  • Our customers can focus on their core activities of manufacturing or trading, and Freight Links will take care of the rest.
  • Reports and analytics – complete view of customer-specific logistics from procurement to last mile delivery.
  • Development and implementation of customer-specific logistics concepts.
  • End-to-end supply chain cost reductions.
  • Improved process efficiency.
  • Increased visibility and real-time information – leading to more flexibility and control.
  • Efficient use of all resources. 
  • Greater ability to plan shipments – imports and exports.
  • Reduced business operations risks and disruptions.

Industry Solutions



Customised supply-chain services for garment manufacturers, with value added services such as order sorting, pick & pack, PO tracking & management, buyers' consolidation, IT systems, etc.

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Complete supply chain services for super-markets, department stores, express outlets, regional distributors, online shops, etc.

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Complete supply chain solutions for beer manufacturers, importers and exporters, and spirit importers and exporters.

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